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Comparison Of The Best Cookware

Cookware is a quick buy to equip your kitchen in one go. So it should be something simple.

However, there are as many kitchens as there are cooks . And to satisfy each of them, manufacturers offer many different cookware. Not easy to navigate and know how to choose the right one. Even the price doesn’t seem to mean anything anymore!

To find the perfect cookware for your kitchen, I suggest you read the entire file below. This buying guide answers all practical questions . However if you don’t like to cook too much and just want to be fast and efficient, you can just read our favorite ❤.

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What Is Cookware?

Cookware is a set of items for cooking . The basis is the presence of saucepans, often accompanied by at least a skillet or saute pan.

Over the brands, there are very different batteries. Some contain spatulas, others ramekins, a wok, a pie plate, etc. The number of pieces varies equally, ranging from three to fifteen elements.

Our Favorite ❤

Tefal Ingenio Performance Gray Cookware 8 Pieces All Lights Including Induction L6589403

How To Choose Your Cookware?

To buy a good cookware, you have to find how to match your needs and the descriptions of the brands. Here are the criteria to read to establish a special personal cookware comparison.

Attention a ce que l’on compte dans la batterie. Ainsi si des cuilleres en silicone sont incluses, elles compteront chacune comme un element a part entiere.

The Top 5 Best-Selling Cookware

I think nothing beats the opinions of people who have actually bought a product and then tried it in the privacy of their own home. That’s why we bring you a selection of the 5 best cookware, made from consumer reviews and Amazon bestsellers.

Tefal L2009802 Set of frying pans and saucepans – Ingenio 5 Essential Black Set 10 Pieces – All hobs except induction

Tefal L2049002 Ingenio 5 Essential Lot of 17 Pieces Anthracite Gray All hobs except induction: 3 Pots + 3 Pans + 1 Wok + 1 Saute pan + 2 Handle …

Tefal L9409602 Ingenio Performance Inox Cookware 15 pieces – All hobs including induction

Kamberg – 0008163 – Set Lot 24-piece cookware set – Cast aluminum – Stone coating – All hobs including induction – Removable handle – Without …

Why Buy Cookware?

You may need cookware to equip yourself for the first time , when you leave your student accommodation or when you move into a newly acquired vacation home.

Or, one can also decide to clean and tidy up and to part with old toxic Teflon stoves or other items whose coating is no longer in good condition.

Where To Buy Good Cookware?

It is more difficult to buy complete cookware than it is to buy a cooking pan . Indeed, it is a set of fairly imposing elements and therefore only the largest supermarkets (whether Carrefour or Auchan) will have them on the shelves.

This is why it is interesting to go to specialized stores like Ikea, Darty and Boulanger or to order online to have it delivered to your home (on Cdiscount, Amazon, Rue du commerce).

Price Of Cookware?

You can equip yourself with cookware, the price of which ranges from € 20 to € 400. However, if you want solid equipment , you still have to plan at least 50 €.

Where To Find Inexpensive Cookware?

Cookware is made to last a long time. No one wants to change their kitchen equipment every two or three years. And that’s why it is better to turn to serious brands and mid-range at a minimum. However, this comes at a price.

What Is The Best Brand Of Cookware?

If my advice to look for the best brands is relevant, it is still necessary to know them and recognize them. This is why I offer you the description of the brands below.


Tefal is a French brand that specializes in non-stick cooking utensils . Initially its success was based on teflon. But since one of the elements allowing the fixing of teflon was recognized as carcinogenic, the brand has evolved its products so that it is safe for health.

Arthur Martin

Arthur Martin cookware is technically Elextrolux cookware, the brand having been bought by the big group. It allows you to buy very complete cookware for around 70 € .


Each Lagostina cookware set is sleek, sturdy, and mid-range . You have to plan a budget of at least a hundred euros to buy the pots and pans of this Italian brand.


Stoneline specializes in a so-called stone coating, ie with encrustation of stone particles. This is particularly interesting if you want good quality frying pans and frying pans .


Beka allows you to buy German quality cookware. It is also a solution when you do not need a pan, because this brand offers several batteries with only pots .


Cristel is a brand which has the “guaranteed French origin” label for all stainless steel collections. It is high quality material , where the handle is removable as much as possible.


Pradel is a French brand. Priority is given to the stone-like coating . Unlike the Beka brand above, with Pradel it is possible to purchase sets of stoves only.


The BergHoff brand wants to offer accessible quality to the greatest number with a unique design . She only creates kitchen accessories, from teapots to complete cookware.


Blaumann is a company that started in Hungary, in Budapest. It offers a wide variety of cookware : lava stone, stainless steel, with stone coating, special induction, etc.


Laguiole is a French company that offers many kitchen utensils. It allows you to buy small cookware , to focus on quality over quantity.

Which Cookware To Choose According To The Heat Source Used?

It is essential to check your kitchen equipment before purchasing cookware. The latter must be compatible with your heat source .


To work, an induction hob must detect a metal element of the correct size. In principle, therefore, it is not possible to buy cast iron or ceramics. However, manufacturers manage to come up with tips to work around the problem. The main thing is therefore the label which guarantees compatibility with induction .

Glass Ceramic

A glass ceramic hob reacts quickly and well . It can be used with any type of material, from stainless steel to cast iron.


It is preferable to opt for a very conductive material , which promotes a rapid increase in temperature. This compensates for the fact that the electric plates heat up slowly.


The advantage of gas is that it allows precise cooking , no matter what pots and pans you own. Everything is suitable for gas cooking!

What Material For Cookware?

Each subject has advantages and disadvantages . Understanding the specifics will allow you to better choose cookware.

Stainless Steel Cookware

Stainless steel is also called stainless steel. It is an easy to maintain, strong and resistant material. However, it does not allow optimal heat distribution and the most picky cooks avoid it.

Stone Cookware

Most often it is simply a cookware set with stone coating. Well, that’s the name, but there are only stone particles embedded in cast aluminum. In general, they are compatible with all lights (to be checked before purchase) and they distribute heat uniformly.

Ceramic Cookware

The main advantage of ceramic cookware is that it greatly reduces the use of fat (to prevent it sticking). In addition, the temperature rises quickly.

Copper Cookware

Copper requires a lot of maintenance, but it allows great precision in the kitchen. This explains why he deserted family kitchens while keeping a privileged place in professional kitchens.

Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron is a heavy material, which heats up slowly, but retains heat for a long time. This is why cast iron is especially recommended for simmering dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

✅ Arthur Martin Or Tefal Cookware?

For a new purchase, the two brands are equal. These are solid and good quality utensils. However if you are planning to buy cookware made a few years ago then it might be best to give preference to Arthur Martin, in order to be sure to avoid the PFOA, contained in old Teflon pots and pans. .

✅ Stone Or Ceramic Cookware?

These two types of cookware allow you to cook with precision and pleasure, especially when you make sure you take quality. When you pay attention to your fat consumption, the ideal is ceramic which can be used without oil or butter.

✅ Cookware Set With Removable Handle, Or Not?

With cookware, it is best to opt for removable handles. This makes sure that you can store all the pots and / or pans by fitting them correctly. And you only have one handle that works on any pot, without having to think about it.

✅ Are The Cookware Compatible With My Dishwasher?

There is no general rule, although today most cookware is dishwasher safe. You have to check each product description. However, keep in mind that pots and pans do not like the dishwasher, even if they are compatible.


Cookware is often seen as a major purchase and one can hesitate. However, if the term evokes many accessories, it is necessary to take the time to consult the various products on sale. We can thus be satisfied with two or three elements, and pay less than by buying them each on their own.