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2018 BMW X4 Redesign, Price

2018 BMW X4

It`s always interesting to hear what`s going on inside BMWs factory and their latest product will be 2018 BMW X4. That is surely the news which made us happy and positive. BMW as one of the finest German car producer is more than capable to create a bum on the market, we`ve seen that so many times before. That is the plan with new X4. They really want him to be on the top and to reach as much customers as it is possible, all around the world. Let`s see what will your first reactions and responses be on new X4.

2018 BMW X6 Redesign, Review

2018 BMW X6 front

We are all aware that SUVs are currently the most popular car category on the market but we can say that lately, we can see a lot of coupe-inspired SUVs are arriving to the market and that the customers love the way they look. One of those is coming out of German car producer and that`s going to be 2018 BMW X6 which already have huge popularity and with something new added, it`s going to increase it, that`s for sure.

2017 BMW X7 Review, Style, Shape


First, we must say that most of you will think that X7 won`t be released because for a quite long time BMW was saying that they will and then that they won`t release it at all. Now, we`ve manage to find out some new information`s really close to the BMWs officials which are saying that new 2017 BMW X7 will actually be released. When we`ve said that he`s going to be released we meant that he`s going to be released all around the world and every part of planet will have chance to buy this new big-size SUV which is coming from the BMWs factory in the United States.

2017 BMW X4 Redesign, Review, Style


Among the mid-size SUVs Germans surely knows how to make one which can be called as perfect because they are quite good in creating SUV which isn`t big and which isn`t small in the same time, perfect mid-size. This time, we`re going to get to know you with newest generation of X4, one of the BMWs finest. New 2017 BMW X4 can definitely become the leader in his category because BMW have announced that his performances will be over the roof this time, let`s take a look and see it ourselves.

2017 BMW X1 Review, Performance, Release

2017 BMW X1 Front

The car market will soon be richer for another new model, this time it will be a small SUV of Germany Company BMW, which is a 2017 BMW X1. This new model will be produced as a formidable and each of its predecessor, it is expected that the manufacturer has devoted a lot of attention to detail on this model, so expect that this new small SUV to attract great attention of potential new customers.

2017 BMW X5 Review, Performance, Price

2017 BMW X5 Front

When it comes to luxury crossover without a doubt we can say that BMW X5 is one of the most popular vehicles in that category. The German company BMW has prepared a new model for 2017. This SUV was first placed on the market in 1999, and the last third generation was introduced in 2013, so that the new 2017 BMW X5 expects to receive some small changes in design and some innovations inside, also expected that the engine of this model will be updated, which will improve performance and reduce fuel consumption.

2017 BMW X6 Review, Price, Performance

The original model of BMW X6 is release first time in 2007 year, 2014 car is completely redesigned. 2017 BMW X6 came with luxury of innovation and it is second year of production. After all its still a very recent model, larger changes are not expected, which will come as model that came last year.

2016 BMW X3 Review

2016 BMW X3 front

BMW always produce new ideas to win the market. It consistently offers a large number of high quality expensive cars. In 2016, it will surprise the market with its 2016 BMW X3 which has advanced modifications for the people’s satisfaction. The new BMW X3 is quite similar to its latest version. However, there are only few parts that will be transformed and enhanced in order to give a better car to the market.

2016 BMW X4 Changes

2016 BMW X4 front

Style, elegance, luxury and performance is all what we can say about the 2016 BMW X4. Assembled in South Carolina, it has aped some aspects from its predecessors but also received some major upgrades which are really exciting. BMW has never failed to deliver when it comes to releasing quality high-performance cars and the coupé version of the X3 is no exception.

2016 BMW X7 SUV

2016 BMW X7 front

Early on last year, 2014, BMW confirmed the rumors about the launch of the biggest SUV from its line-up.  BMW’s three row X7 will be sold on the markets all round the world, including United States. It will be direct competitor for Mercedes-Benz GL-Class and the Range Rover. According to the latest info available, here is what we can expect from 2016 BMW X7: