2018 Mercedes Benz GLK Review, Price

Everything about new 2018 Mercedes Benz GLK are great news. Just knowing that this perfect crossover will receive new generation is perfect enough. Everything that arrive from Mercedes`s factory is released with great attention so we know that new GLK will be great. It`s surely going to be closest to the perfection it can be. Having new GLK will bring you closest to the future you`ve ever been. Take a look at him and see that he`s going to be your favorite.

2018 Mercedes Benz GLK front

2018 Mercedes Benz GLK Redesign, Style, Review

Knowing that new 2018 Mercedes Benz GLK will be refreshed can tell you enough about his exterior design. You can expect some changes but you can`t expect some drastic ones. For example, we are more than sure that most of the changes will be placed on the front part of this SUV. There could be larger headlights and larger grille. Great thing about it is that better materials and better technology will be used for new GLK. For example, biggest part of the chassis will be made using aluminum and hard steel, carbon fiber as well.

These great combination will make him have reduced body weight. Larger air vents are placed on the front part, that means his engine will be cooled better and more effective than before. New 2018 Mercedes Benz GLK will be placed on 21.0-inch alloy wheels now. With them, you can take him on many different terrains. On the back, we expect to see larger taillights and possible restyled bumper.

As you know, all that Mercedes use to create cabin of their vehicles are only finest materials. To be precise, 2018 Mercedes Benz GLK will have it`s cabin made from wood and leather combination. Expensive but effective and classy in the same time. More room will be offered for the passengers and for their cargo as well. When it comes to the seats, we expect to see the same style again. Great lumbar support and heating option installed. Some speculations tells us that in higher trim levels, massage option is included as well. 2018 Mercedes Benz GLK will be filled with so much updated and upgraded functions. His creators and engineers announced that there could be more safety functions than before. Great to make him more family acceptable.

2018 Mercedes Benz GLK rear

2018 Mercedes Benz GLK Engine, Power, Performance

At the moment, we know that new 2018 Mercedes Benz GLK can have two engine options for their customers. You can choose between 3.5-liter V6 and 3.0-liter V6 turbocharged unit. First, can create 302 horsepower and torque of 273 lb/ft as maximum. Second unit can produce 329 horsepower and torque of 354 lb/ft. 7-speed automatic transmission system will be only transmission system for this SUV and these two engine options. Of course, both AWD and RWD will be available. Of course, RWD mode will be basic.

2018 Mercedes Benz GLK side

2018 Mercedes Benz GLK Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Starting price for 2018 Mercedes Benz GLK can be around $40.000 for his basic choice. New GLK as one of the finest crossover to arrive next year will be welcomed open handed, that`s for sure. When will he arrive, it`s still unsure to say but we expect him around April 2018.

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