2018 Mercedes Benz GLE

It is announced that new 2018 Mercedes Benz GLE will arrive on the upcoming market. We still don`t know much about him but according to the Mercedes`s officials, some changes will happen. Spy shots are already seen so we can really estimate that he`s going to be one of the finest SUVs on the market. Mercedes is surely one of the finest car producer on the market but they`re really hoping this new GLE could take number one on the lists. We have to wait a bit longer to see it but we are sure that 2018 year market will be interesting thanks to this model.

2018 Mercedes Benz GLE front

2018 Mercedes Benz GLE Redesign, Exterior and Interior

As we are used to, all the spy shots are showing 2018 Mercedes Benz GLE under heavy camouflage. Due to that, we can`t see that much of it but it also can show us something that Mercedes won`t tell us. For example, based on the hardest camouflage on the front fascia, we must estimate that it`s going to be largest changes there. There could be better headlights and larger grille than before. Other than it`s going to be larger, it`s going to be wider than ever before with larger Mercedes`s emblem on the middle.

Hood looks a bit longer than before as well. Air vents will be placed on the edges of the bumpers and they`ll be bigger which means better cooling for the engine. We can see that the lines on the sides of 2018 Mercedes Benz GLE are sharper than before. That can result new GLE being even classier than before. On the back of this SUV we can`t really see some drastic changes but rear glass looks a bit bigger than on his previous generation.

We know that new 2018 Mercedes Benz GLE can offer the most luxury and classy cabin than any other car producer. Knowing that makes us wonder what is that what Mercedes`s engineers and designers could make us surprised with inside new GLE. Since there aren`t any official releases from the officials and since we haven`t seen any picture of it, we can only estimate what we can found inside. Will there be new seats design? Will there be some of the newly developed functions. We still don`t know, but knowing Mercedes, we think it`s going to be a little from something of that. We are sure that 2018 Mercedes Benz GLE will be one of the best-equipped SUVs on the market so we know he`s going to be most wanted one as well.

2018 Mercedes Benz GLE side

2018 Mercedes Benz GLE Engine, Power, Abilities

We know that Mercedes won`t offer only one engine unit. This new 2018 Mercedes Benz GLE will be offered with two engine options. First, and probably basic choice will be 3.5-liter V6 unit which is capable to develop 302 horsepower and torque amount of 274 lb/ft. Second available unit will be 3.0-liter V6 turbocharged unit. This engine can produce 329 horsepower and torque amount of 354 lb/ft as maximum. When it comes to the transmission system, we think all the engine options will be paired with 9-speed automatic transmission system.

2018 Mercedes Benz GLE rear

2018 Mercedes Benz GLE Price and Estimated Arrival Date

Starting price for this 2018 Mercedes Benz GLE which is one of the luxuries models on the market will be $53.000. Release date of new GLE will probably be somewhere around the beginning of summer 2018.

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