2018 Jaguar XQ Power, Review

Only the information that new 2018 Jaguar XQ will be released is enough to bring a smile back on your face. When it comes to the luxurious types of cars, Jaguar can surely be called as one of the best in that category. New XQ is definitely one of those that can make you love the way Jaguar works. It`s going to be stronger than before. His design isn`t something that needs to be changed but more power can`t be wrong. Let`s see what new XQ can do now.

2018 Jaguar XQ front

2018 Jaguar XQ Exterior and Interior Design, Review

The platform on which new 2018 Jaguar XQ will be built is made for the mid-size SUVs but new XQ looks smaller than that. It looks like he`s true small-size SUV. Maybe that`s the secret of his amazing look, who knows. What is known fact about his exterior and chassis is that it`s going to use more aluminum, hard steel and carbon fiber than before. That will result him have reduced overall weight which means it`s going to allow him have better performances, higher speed and better acceleration time. When it comes to the details on the exterior, definitely the first part we must mention is his front fascia.

Very decent headlights will be first thing you`ll notice. They shine in amazing light thanks to new LED lamps usage. Totally different will be the size and shape of the air vents and grille. They`ll be way bigger than before allowing the engine to be cooled more effectively from every side. There will be new side air vents present on 2018 Jaguar XQ which means he`s aiming to be stronger. On the rear part, we can see thinner taillights but they`ll longer and wider than before. Circular shape of the exhaustion pipes will be bigger than before and they will be placed closer to each other.

Everything inside new 2018 Jaguar XQ will scream from luxury and style. Amazing white leather will be something you`ll fall in love with on first sight. That will be the material from most of the cabin will be made of. Starting from the instrument board, seats, floors and roof. Wherever you touch you`ll feel softness and pleasure. And be sure, Jaguar will make you use everything only with a smallest and finest touch. Bigger touchscreen on the middle of the instrument board will be something new because less buttons will be present there.

We can notice larger climate vents because even the climate controller itself is redesigned and improved with better system. Again, it`s going to have three-zones of comfort. We don`t even need to mention the seats for new 2018 Jaguar XQ. They`ll be almost exactly the same as before because they`re amazing that way. All the functions that will be installed in new XQ will be modern and improved. That will make new XQ the best equipped SUV on the market for sure. Also, because of his small size, new XQ can be perfect for younger generations and for the families as well.

2018 Jaguar XQ interior

2018 Jaguar XQ Engine, Power, Transmission

Two engine units will be available for new 2018 Jaguar XQ this time. First, basic choice will be 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged unit. This one can produce 250 horsepower and around 230 lb/ft as maximum torque amount. 2nd unit offered will be 3.0-liter V6 unit. This one is a bit stronger and it can generate 350 horsepower and 300 lb/ft as torque amount. Both of these two engines will be paired with 6-speed automatic transmission system. What is expected from both of these engine units is that they`re going to have reduced fuel consumption.

2018 Jaguar XQ rear

2018 Jaguar XQ Price and Estimated Arrival Date

New 2018 Jaguar XQ will be released at the beginning of summer 2018, not before June. Starting price for this amazing SUV will be around $45.000, definitely not under that price. When it comes to some more demanding trim levels, we expect it to go over $55.000 easily.

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