2018 BMW X6 Redesign, Review

We are all aware that SUVs are currently the most popular car category on the market but we can say that lately, we can see a lot of coupe-inspired SUVs are arriving to the market and that the customers love the way they look. One of those is coming out of German car producer and that`s going to be 2018 BMW X6 which already have huge popularity and with something new added, it`s going to increase it, that`s for sure.

2018 BMW X6 front

2018 BMW X6 Redesign, Review, Shape and Style

What is sure about new 2018 BMW X6 is that he`s going to be based on the famous BMWs CLAR platform which can allow him to be made using more lightweight materials, mostly carbon fiber and aluminum. Be sure that with it, new X6 will have his overall weight reduced and thanks to it, to make it faster and stronger vehicle. Other than that, new X6 won`t be made with some iconic changes because this model is still quite young so he really don`t need to be changed with some huge differences to make it more attractive for the customers.

Larger air vents can be noticed under the headlights and grille to make the engine getting cooled better. New 2018 BMW X6 will have his front part lowered a bit down to make his performances even better but with it, he can`t be taken on every road you want him so on some rocky mountains, he won`t go that good.

To describe to interior design of new 2018 BMW X6 we don`t even need to use many words and you`re going to get the picture of it. It is absolute German perfection present inside new X6. Good to know is that there won`t be plastic used inside. Everything will be made from top quality leather, wood and carbon fiber. Newly designed seats are announced but we still don`t know if there will be heating and cooling options for every seat or just for the front row of seats. New 2018 BMW X6 will definitely have all of his functions updated and upgraded but we still don`t know what new ones will be installed.

2018 BMW X6 rear

2018 BMW X6 Engine, Power, Abilities

Basic engine choice for new 2018 BMW X6 won`t be changed at all. It`s going to be famous 3.0-liter inline-6 petrol powered engine unit which is able to deliver 300 horsepower and 300 lb/ft as maximum torque amount.  Other than this engine unit, we expect to see 4.0-liter V8 unit and some diesel engine option as well. Fuel consumption for this crossover will be around 15/18 mpg city/highway which will be reduced with some new transmission system added.

2018 BMW X6

2018 BMW X6 Price and Estimated Release date

Starting price for new 2018 BMW X6 will be around $60.000 but we expect to see it go over $80k for some more demanding trim levels. Release date for this crossover will be around the February of 2018, not sooner than that.

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