2017 Volvo XC40 Review, Engine, Performance, Price

Swedish Company Volvo will present by the 2020, 9 new models of cars, one of them is the new 2017 Volvo XC40. This model comes enhanced and promoted and it is expected that the car will be more attractive to potential new customers. There will be improvements to the exterior design, there will also be thrown in some new modern features, as well as refreshments engines and it is expected that this model will be more cost-effective and performance will be improved.

2017 Volvo XC40 Front

2017 Volvo XC40 Exterior and Interior

The exterior of the new 2017 Volvo XC40 will be promoted, and the expected revised front bumper where will find air intake which will improve engine cooling, also there is expected to be a new, redesigned front grille that will be somewhat smaller than the previous one, and will have chrome edges. The headlights will feature modern LED technology. The rear of the car will also be updated, there will be a new rear lights that will get LED bulbs. It is expected that the car will be lighter than before, which will help increase performance and reduce fuel consumption, this model will feature the new alloy wheels.

The interior of the new 2017 Volvo XC40 will make you spacious and elegant, there will await seats made of quality leather which will contribute to the ultimate comfort of all five passengers, the front seats also will possess a variety of functions, as well as seat heaters and massagers. The control panel will be refreshed, and will be found in a touch screen, navigation system, modern audio system, modern air conditioning, rear view camera, cruise control and much more.

2017 Volvo XC40 Interior

2017 Volvo XC40 Engine and Performance

Under the hood of the new 2017 XC40 will find a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine that will be capable of producing 180 horsepower and 240 Nm of will have moments. This engine will be mated to a 5 speed manual menace as standard, and will feature option 6 speed automatic transmission. Other engine options will be the 2.0-liter 5-cylinder diesel engine that will be capable of producing 148 horsepower and torque of 348 Nm. This model will possess the drive to all four wheels as standard.

2017 Volvo XC40 Rear

2017 Volvo XC40 Release and Price

Release of the new 2017 Volvo XC40 is expected by the end of 2016 or beginning 2017, when the price is in question starting price will be around $ 30.000.

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