2017 Porsche Cayenne Review, Engine, Price

It will soon be on the market the most famous SUV of company Porsche, and it will be as you suppose 2017 Porsche Cayenne. This model was presented for the first time in 2002 and at an incredible rate has attracted great attention of customers and became one of the most popular SUV in the market next to Mercedes ML, Audi Q7 and BMW X5. It is expected that this new model will be even stronger competitor and will attract even more attention of potential new customers.

2017 Porsche Cayenne Front

2017 Porsche Cayenne Exterior and Interior

The new 2017 Porsche Cayenne will be very attractive, is expected to be made known to Volkswagen and platform, and will like the new Lamborghini Urus and Audi Q7, which will also be made on this platform, and the main feature of this platform is that it will be made of aluminum and carbon fiber, which helps to reduce the overall weight of the car and improve performance and fuel economy. The front bumper this model, there will be massive and will have brightness LED lamps and a large air intake, the front grille of the new Cayenne will be updated and outstanding. The headlights of this model will be equipped with LED daytime running lights and Xenon, rear lights will also be equipped with LED bulbs.

The interior of the new 2017 Porsche Cayenne will be very spacious and elegant, it is expected that it will also be a comfort to the highest level possible, for this will be in charge of seats which will be upholstered with the highest quality leather. Also, this new car will be there very well equipped with modern technologies such as large touch screen, a lot of different functions, as well as various connections such as USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and more.

2017 Porsche Cayenne Interior

2017 Porsche Cayenne Engine and Performance

Under the hood of the new 2017 Porsche Cayenne will find a 3.6-liter V6 engine with a turbocharger, which will be capable of producing about 430 horsepower and will have a torque of 600 Nm. Another engine that will be found should be 4.8-liter V8 twin turbo engine which will develop about 560 horsepower and will have a torque of 800 Nm. There will also be a diesel version of the engine and it should be a 4.1-liter V8 diesel engine will have 380 horsepower and torque of 850 Nm. Also this new model should possess and the hybrid version of the engine. This model will feature an 8-speed Aisin Tiptronic S automatic transmission.

2017 Porsche Cayenne Rear

2017 Porsche Cayenne Release and Price

The new 2017 Porsche Cayenne is expected on the market in the spring of 2017. The starting price of this model will be around $ 50,000 while the most expensive version will cost up to $ 100,000.

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