2017 Honda Element Exterior and Interior Style

Honda can be called as Company which are among the fastest raising ones because they`re keep getting us surprised with their new, spectacular models. One of those is new generation of Element which is something between the SUV and minivan which is currently maybe the most interesting category. New 2017 Honda Element will have almost the same style as his predecessor but with some new details added and with better performances to beat his opponents.


2017 Honda Element Exterior and Interior Style

Honda will keep that boxy style of his which made him different from the others and which made him really special and favorite among the customers. New 2017 Honda Element will be made in that same style to make the customers recognize him on the streets. On the front part of new Element we can see that Honda made some changes to call him new Element and not old one. Grille is obviously thinner than before but it looks nicer, headlights are wider than before and they`re now almost connected to the grille. 15.0-inch alloy wheels will be there again and we expect new 2017 Honda Element to be more closer to the families because it`s going to have stronger bumpers made of carbon fiber which can increase his safety. LED lamps will be given to every light on new Element making him extra technologically advanced.

As we`ve said, Honda`s effort will be to make new 2017 Honda Element more family friendly than before and because of that they`re starting to install more and more safety functions than before. Because of that, we`re going to have: cruise and traction control, parking sensors, blind spot monitors, rear view camera, hill assistant, cross traffic alert and many others yet unannounced. Better seats with better lumbar and sides support are surely something that can make the customers love him more than ever before. There`s no doubt that new 2017 Honda Element must be equipped with at least the same amount of entertainment functions as with the safety ones so we know that there must be: Bluetooth, USB ports, Internet connection, new audio system with more speakers and with better sound quality and larger touchscreen on the middle of the instrument board.


2017 Honda Element Engine, Performance, Power

There aren`t almost any information`s about the engine units new 2017 Honda Element will be offered with so we think that Honda won`t change that part of new Element and that he`s going to be offered with the same engine units as his predecessor. Until we found out something new we`re going to tell you that his basic option will be the same as before and that`s going to be 2.4-liter which is able to deliver 166 horsepower and torque amount of 218 Nm as maximum. Two options will be offered when it comes to the transmission options, one is 5-speed manual and other is 5-speed automatic ones. We know that new Element will try to reduce it`s fuel consumption and it is estimated that it can be around 20/25 mpg city/highway.


2017 Honda Element Price and Arrival Date

What is sure about new 2017 Honda Element is that he can`t be released before the spring of 2017, probably around April, 2017 to be sure. New Element is going to cost more than his predecessor, that`s for sure, and we think that he`s going to be priced around $20k when it comes to his basic trim level.

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