2017 Honda CRV Concept, Release date

The Honda CRV has been a hit in the crossover sector, particularly after it’s face lift in 2012. Since 2012, Honda has kept it safe by sticking to its best selling design. The 2017 Honda CRV will feature all the upgrades of the 2016 CRV and then some. The 2017 CRV has a few upgrades worth mentioning.

2017 Honda CRV front

2017 Honda CRV Concept

Most notably, there will be two different versions sold. The European version will feature a 1.6 liter diesel engine while the American version will come with a Turbo-charged drive train. The interior of the 2017 Honda CRV will feature an upgraded interior. The inside will seat five as it has in previous years, however, the upholstery will be upgraded for 2017 focusing on comfort. In addition, the 2017 is rumored to have a larger and more comfortable cabin than in previous years. Drivers and passengers alike can expect more foot room and maybe even be a little extra cargo room. The cabin also is expected to be filled with the latest and greatest tech gadgets. The front panel will include a touch screen equipped with Pandora, USB and Bluetooth. In addition, the 2017 will feature a backup camera as one of the reoccurring safety features.

The exterior of the 2017 Honda CRV is sporty and sleek enough to impress dad but the interior is roomy enough for mom to carry all the soccer equipment. The upgraded exterior will include a new grille, headlights, fog lights and a new bumper. In addition an upgraded suspension is expected which will improve the CRV’s ability to make tight turns and handle itself in the snow.

2017 Honda CRV rear

2017 Honda CRV Performance

Everyone can agree that for a compact SUV the CRV does not disappoint when it comes to MPG, The 2017 model is expected to stay in line with its predecessors and get about 27 miles around town and 34 miles highway. The 2017 CRV also is expected to come equipped with the latest and greatest safety features including intelligent adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, a city brake active system, forward collision warning and blind spot information.

2017 Honda CRV interior

2017 Honda CRV Release and Price

CRV is expected to price comparable to the 2016 model which starts at 24,000. The all new 2017 Honda CRV is expected to be released in spring 2017. While the 2017 Honda CRV may not be completely redone, Honda was very smart and stuck with their best selling formula. Overall, Honda is recognized for producing safe reliable vehicles that suit a multitude of consumers, and the 2017 Honda CRV does this. Gone are the days of arguing between spouses over whether to buy a mini-van or sports car, the Honda CRV meets the needs of both in this sporty, luxurious crossover loaded with all the latest safety features.

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