2017 Honda Crosstour Redesign, Specs, Review

When you see model as new 2017 Honda Crosstour is, all you can say is wow. Honda really done great job with refreshing this finest model because this is one perfect coupe-SUV combination which is getting to be more and more popular daily. This new Crosstour will surely going to be popular among the luxury buyers which can have enough large budget to choose this model before some others. Because of that, we are more than sure that new Crosstour have bright future in front of him.


2017 Honda Crosstour Redesign, Specs, Review

Great thing about this new 2017 Honda Crosstour and about all the other models which are going to be introduced as coupe-SUV combination is that when you take a look on some of theirs details on the exterior alone, you can`t say that this is crossover. That`s the beauty of it. New Crosstour will have some really nicely designed and shaped details on his body which can make him closer to the customers. For example, newly designed headlamps are definitely something that can make you love him even more than before. With new set of lamps, daytime running LED ones, you`re going to love it even more because it`s going to use way less energy than before while it can provide better visibility than before. On the back of new 2017 Honda Crosstour we can see that larger and wider taillights are going to appear with the same LED technology used. 18.0-inch alloy wheels will be given to new Crosstour making him off-road capable, at least decent to be taken off-road.

Interior design of new 2017 Honda Crosstour will be something you can only wish from your own SUV. It`s going to provide you amazing feeling when you`re inside and when you`re taking him on longer and shorter trips. Because of that, new seats design will be offered, with better lumbar and sides support with more directions of adjustments as well. We have heard that both cooling and heating options will be provided but only in some premium trim levels. More functions than before will be installed but less buttons will be present on the instrument board transferring almost every function to the touchscreen which will be jammed on the middle of that instrument board and which will definitely going to be first thing you`re going to notice when you enter new 2017 Honda Crosstour.


2017 Honda Crosstour Engine Modifications, Performance

So far, we were able to hear only one engine choice for new 2017 Honda Crosstour and that`s going to be extra functional and fuel efficient engine unit. It`s going to be 2.4-liter i-VTEC 4-cylinder unit which is able to deliver 143 horsepower and 213 Nm of torque amount as maximum. It`s still difficult to imagine what will be additional engine unit offered but we know that there will be at least one more. When it comes to the transmission systems we can say that 5-speed automatic one will be basic choice for it.


2017 Honda Crosstour Price and Estimated Launch Date

Release date for new 2017 Honda Crosstour will be somewhere around the beginning of 2017 and we can assume that he`s going to have starting price of around $30k.

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