2017 Dodge Journey Exterior and Interior Design

When you`re company which have that huge reputation and huge popularity as Dodge really have, it`s not hard to make perfect model because all you need to do is to listen what the customers are telling about and what are they wanting from their models. New 2017 Dodge Journey is surely something we`ve all wanted to see on the streets. Massive crossover as new Journey is, have all it takes to land on the top of the lists, will it be that way, it`s up to you to decide.


2017 Dodge Journey Exterior and Interior Design, Review

First, new 2017 Dodge Journey will probably arrive on larger set of wheels, probably on 19.0-inch alloy ones which can make him available to go off-road with no problem at all. With those set of wheels new Journey will look way more stronger than before and that `s something Dodge`s creators and officials wanted to do. Even though he`s going to look stronger than ever, it`s going to look classy in the same time. When you look at his front part, you`re going to be more than thrilled with it. It`s going to have larger grille made in the same style we`ve used to from Dodge and with more chrome than before. Headlights will be connected with the grille and now, new 2017 Dodge Journey will be equipped with newest LED lamps which can shine better than ever and which can make his safety better than before.

We can honestly say that those 5 lucky passengers that can enjoy the riding in new 2017 Dodge Journey will enjoy every second inside because it`s announced that it`s going to feature more premium materials than before with more safety and entertainment functions installed than before. New seats design is definitely something that can attract new 2017 Dodge Journey to you more than everything else. Those seats will be offered with more directions of adjustment and with better lumbar and sides support as well. Heating and cooling options will also going to be installed but not in basic trim level. On the instrument board, larger touchscreen will be placed on it with less buttons than before. New air vents design is something that Dodge have worked onto and because of that, we expect to see dual-zone climate controller added to new 2017 Dodge Journey as well, making the passengers really enjoy the ride, no matter how long or short it is.


2017 Dodge Journey Engine, Specs, Power

So far, we can say that new 2017 Dodge Journey will be offered with two engine options but we are sure that there will be at least one more. First, and probably basic choice for new Journey will be 2.4-liter inline-4 unit which can develop 173 horsepower and  225 Nm of torque with no problem. Additional choice for new Journey will be 3.6-liter V6 unit which can supply it with 283 horsepower and with 353 Nm as it`s maximum torque amount. 6-speed automatic transmission system will be mated to every one engine choice for new Journey and we expect it available in both AWD and FWD modes.


2017 Dodge Journey Price and Estimated Arrival Date

It`s still unclear when new 2017 Dodge Journey will appear but we can`t expect it before the November of 2016 and we can`t expect him being available for the price of under $21.000.

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