2017 Dacia Duster Review, Performance

The Romanian company Dacia every year selling more of its models, primarily due to cooperation with the French company Renault, on whose platform will be created and this new model, which is 2017 Dacia Duster. The company has also started to put the engines of the French manufacturers in their vehicles, and have become even more reliable. It is expected that the new Duster will be one of a very large competitors in their category.

2017 Dacia Duster Front

2017 Dacia Duster Exterior and Interior

The exterior design of the new 2017 Dacia Duster as we have already mentioned will be built on Renault platform. It is expected that the wheelbase of this model is increased by 6 inches, which will contribute to there being more space and, consequently, it is assumed that this producer throw in the third row of seats in the new model. The front bumper of this model will be redesigned on which will be LED fog lamps and air intake. The front grille will be made of chromium and look amazing. Front and rear lights will be equipped with modern LED technology. It is expected also that this new model will get new 18-inch alloy wheels.

The interior of the new 2017 Dacia Duster will look very elegant and modern, it is expected that this new model will be equipped with seats upholstered with the best materials, and will be a very good comfort. When it comes to modern technology, there will be expected that there will be enough that every car should have. Security systems will also be inserted into this new SUV.

2017 Dacia Duster Interior

2017 Dacia Duster Engine and Performance

The new 2017 Dacia Duster will feature several engine versions, the first version of the engine will be a 1.2 liter 4 cylinder DOHC petrol engine that will be able to pull out about 125 horsepower with a torque of 204 Nm. The second engine that will be found under the hood of this model will be the 1.6-liter 4-cylinder DOHC petrol engine which will have between 105 and 114 horsepower. The third engine offered will be a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder DOHC engine which will develop about 140 horsepower. Also this car will possess diesel engine option, and it will be 1.5-liter 4-cylinder dCi turbo diesel engine which will have two versions with different outputs, weaker version will have about 85 horsepower while the stronger version should develop around 100 horsepower. There are some rumors that new 2017 Dacia Duster should be given a new gearbox but there is still no confirmed information about it.

2017 Dacia Duster Side

2017 Dacia Duster Release and Price

Release of the new 2017 Dacia Duster on the market is expected in the second half of 2016, with a starting price of this model will be around $ 11,000 while the most expensive version could cost up to $ 18,500.

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