2017 Audi Q3 Review, Performance, Engine, Price

The manufacturer of the new 2017 Audi Q3 will be trying to make a better, more powerful, modernized and attractive car. This crossover from Audi will have some improvements and redesign of both the external appearance and the inside where they will receive modernized functions and above all incredible comfort, it was also said that preparing a new engine for 2017 Audi Q3, which when all the assemblies could make this car the best on the market in its class.

2017 Audi Q3 Front

2017 Audi Q3 Exterior and Interior

It is assumed that the 2017 Audi Q3 Third to be made is the Audi Quattro platform, which this car will do phenomenal with some improvements that will only be another plus for Audi. Also, the manufacturer is working to reduce the weight of the car, so the 2017 Audi Q3 will therefore have a better performance and lower fuel consumption. The bumpers on the car will be slightly wider than its predecessor, and the whole car which will contribute to better stability, will also have a new front apron which will contribute to the appearance of more powerful look of the cars. It will have two air intakes on the front side which will be of great help in cooling the engine, as well as the standard Audi mark on the mask. Audi will get a restyled LED lights front which will increase the visibility of, and reduce energy consumption, on barriers to include fog lights. Behind it is expected also a little redesign, the LED light will be slightly restyled, and will receive a new exhaust system.

Manufacturer will not skimp on comfort and of luxury interior 2017 Audi Q3, thus it will be used for the development of top-quality leather and high-quality wood. There will be enough room for all passengers, so that comfort is not in question. The control panel will also be refreshed, also will be upgraded infotainment system which will further contribute to the enjoyment of the car, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with devices, as well as of Security system and modern system of temperature control, Wi-Fi, which will be able to control the screen to the touch.

2017 Audi Q3 Interior

2017 Audi Q3 Engine and Performance

The car will have the option of two engines. The petrol engine will be a 2.5-liter TFSI engine cylinder and who will be able to develop about 340 horsepower. It will also have the option of a diesel engine which will have a 2.0-liter twin-turbo TDI engine, which will develop about 240 horsepower. Both engines will have 6-speed automatic transmission. The car will be able to two cheeks from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.8 seconds, the maximum will be around 145 mph, which is a very good result.

2017 Audi Q3 Rear

2017 Audi Q3 Release and Price

2017 Audi Q3 should go out to markets stepdaughter 2017, and the price will be around $ 30,000 which is quite correct in relation to what this phenomenal car offers.

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