2017 Audi Q2 Exterior and Interior Shape

To be honest, we though that SUV era won`t last long, but here we are, talking about one more SUV model which will be released from Audi`s factory. This time, it`s going to be new generation of Q2, small crossover, perfect for cities. With new 2017 Audi Q2 you won`t have any problem with parking or with small garages, he can fit anywhere and which is even better, he`s as good as his big brothers.


2017 Audi Q2 Exterior and Interior Shape

As we`ve said, this will be one of the Audi`s smallest crossover and it`s going to be made on platform almost the same as Audi`s A1 but with even more lightweight materials to be used. Because of that, we expect new 2017 Audi Q2 to lose significant amount of pounds when we compare him with his predecessor. It`s great that Audi haven`t done any iconic changes on the exterior of new Q2 but we still think that this is quite new car. Maybe it`s because more luxury materials which will be used, who knows. As we`ve said, there won`t be some drastic changes made on the exterior design of new 2017 Audi Q2 and so we can see that there will be recognizable thin and ling headlights on the front and wide taillights on the back. Both of them, as well as the fog lights, will use newly developed LED technology. With finest, chrome made grille, new Q2 looks futuristic but powerful in the same time.

Biggest difference between new 2017 Audi Q2 and for example 2017 Q7 inside will be that this new Q2 can receive 5 passengers max while Q7 can take it 7. Other than that, we know that this new Q2 will be made using finest materials to make the passengers feels as cozier as they can be. Of course, for some lower trim levels, Audi will try to make the cabin from some less expensive materials so the customers with lower budget can afford it. Functionality will be extra important part of the new 2017 Audi Q2 because Audi will try to make it one of the most advanced SUVs in the market. Because of that, we can expect it to be equipped with: cruise and traction control, parking sensors on the front and on the back, rear view camera, blind spot monitors, overtaking assist, lane changing assist, hill assistant, Bluetooth and Internet connection, new navigation and more speakers for new audio system. All this plus many more for new 2017 Audi Q2.


2017 Audi Q2 Engine and Specs, Performance

Engine compartment is definitely where Audi wants to be most mysterious about when we are talking about new Q2. For example, we know that they will offer at least two engine options for new 2017 Audi Q2 and some of them could be 1.4-liter TSI or maybe 1,2-liter TSI with either 5 or 6-speed manual gear box to be paired with. Power amount isn`t known but we can`t expect to see new Q2 getting released without at least 225 horsepower.


2017 Audi Q2 Price and Rumors about the Release date

Even though Audi still haven`t released any information`s about the release date or about the price for new 2017 Audi Q2 we honestly don`t expect him to be available before the beginning of 2017 and to see him going over $37k for his starting price.

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