2016 VW Polo suv

In the vehicle industry and also to the entire world, Volkswagen is a true standard of quality and integrity. Aside from how well the sales and the overall popularity of the Volkswagen brand is, it stands for innovative and the pinnacle of design. That brings us to the 2016 VW Polo suv, which happens to look like it will be a favorite among lovers of the brand. Recent compelling information is coming out regarding the brand new installment of the new VW Polo suv. The Polo looks to be an attractive subcompact hatchback, continuing along the same theme of design. What this feature will do is it will enable better clearance, plus it will feature a few other unique qualities.

2016 VW Polo suv front

2016 VW Polo suv Interior, Exterior

The body of the 2016 VW Polo suv will be created of really high-strength steel along with the grill, which is extensive and designed to perfectly compliment the unique appearance of the headlights. The wheelbase is longer than the typical mini-car, allowing for increased space in the cabin area. The 2016 VW Polo suv has nice features allowing for efficiency, such as the multi-function steering wheel, the heated front seats, the sweet LCD screen, parking sensors and the digital air-conditioning. The windscreen of the vehicle is integrated very nicely, adding more dimension by being steeply raked. The LCD screen is a little larger than the typical screen used in vehicles of this size and the look works very well, plus it is very state-of-the-art and loaded with features.

Inside the 2016 VW Polo suv, you will have a very traditional, yet sleek vinyl, which shows us just how contemporary Volkswagen has become recently. To compliment the vinyl, a very fine cloth material is integrated, providing a look that is clean, even and of good stock.

2016 VW Polo suv side

2016 VW Polo suv Engine

The VW Polo will be sold either with a petrol or diesel engine. The standard petrol version will contain a 1.4L straight engine, which will put out 184 lb-ft of torque and 150 horsepower. The bigger engine will be a 3-straight, 1.9L, sporting 185 lb-ft torque and a 185 horsepower, which you totally got to love.

2016 VW Polo suv interior

2016 VW Polo suv Price and release date

It really does seem as if the 2016 VW Polo suv will live up to the type of fanfare that all Volkswagen vehicles get upon release. Word has it that it will most likely be released in the latter part of 2015 or the early part of 2016. The price is said to be in the ballpark of around $20,000 dollars for the standard model.

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