2016 Volvo XC40 Review, Price

The 2016 Volvo XC40 is expected to be a Sporting Utility Vehicle that is currently being manufactured by the Swedish automobile giant, Volvo Motors Corporation. It is basically going to be an improvement of the current V40 2015 model. The ensuing discussions shall seek to explore some of its features. Unlike all the standard Volvo models within the V4o series, the 2016 Volvo XC40 shall exhibit a more aggressive stature.

2016 VOLVO XC40 front

2016 Volvo XC40 Review

It shall posses quite a number of stylish features such as silver garnished ski-rack roof rails, side skirts, body moldings, signature radiator grille, front-body colored bumper, wide air intake section, chrome surround onto which shall be etched the company emblem. It shall also have a sleek headlight cluster that shall have high intensity bi-xenon lamps as well as a pair of fog lamps. Its front part shall be protected by an aluminum protective cladding whereas its roof shall be adorned with a glossy black finish. The wheels shall be of either 17 inches or 18 inches made of alloy, and shall accommodate terrain-capable tubeless radial tires. The 2016 Volvo XC40 shall feature a very spacious interior with a greatly improved seating arrangement. It is expected to bring along with it a set of digital instruments, such as an active Thin Filament Tube Display unit, Cruise Control System, Parking Assistant, and Speed-dependent Power Steering over and above those that are currently in existence in all the standard Volvo models. Its safety features are also expected to be revolutionary featuring such advanced equipment as laser breaking system, cross traffic assist, and the blind-spot information system which helps the driver to avoid accidents and head-on collisions.

2016 VOLVO XC40 rear

2016 Volvo XC40 Engine

Its engine shall feature both the gas and diesel options. Its gas shall have a 1.6 liter capacity whereas the diesel engine option shall feature two 0.5 liter canisters, turbo-charged engines. They shall be capable of producing 245 horsepower and 350 Newton meters of torque. Its average fuel consumption is expected to be 149g/km. It shall also come along with an 8-speed automatic gearbox, a 6-speed manual gearbox, and four-wheel drive capability. Altogether, these features shall deliver ease of steering, fuel economy, efficient drivability and huge responsiveness to driver’s prompts and instructions.

2016 VOLVO XC40 interior

2016 Volvo XC40 Release date, Price

The anticipated Manufacturer’s Recommended Selling Price for the 2016 Volvo XC40 is still unknown. However, given the fact that it belongs to the Volvo V40 series, it is most likely to cost no less than $46,490 since its immediate predecessor Volvo V40 2015 goes by the same amount. It is expected to be released into the market officially in the last quarter of the year 2015.

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