2016 Toyota Rush Review, Engine

Throughout the world, one thing is certain; that almost every car in front of you is a Toyota. This is because Toyota is the king of cost-effective, high-performance and all-terrain vehicles that can be used on any road in the world. The company has delivered all its vehicular promises for over 10 years and this is no different for the 2016 Toyota Rush, another anticipated SUV in the auto market.

2016 Toyota Rush front

2016 Toyota Rush Review

When it comes to the exterior, it will have a grill, albeit a smaller one compared to most SUVs. It is more compact than most Sports Utility vehicle and has that nice metallic finish to it. The 5-door, 7 seater vehicle makes it the car of choice for larger families and storage space. Unlike most cars that have the signature LED lights, the 2016 Toyota Rush comes with rectangular headlights. It will come with 17 inch aluminum wheels and fog lights found near the lamp lights, perfect for travelling long distances. The 2016 Toyota Rush will come with a 1.5 liter engine that will be 4-cylinder which comes with what is known as DOHC technology WT-I. Its speed will peak at about 170 kilometers per hour and will hit 0-62mph in an average of 11 seconds. How is that for a safe and fuel friendly vehicle! There will be 5 speed manual transmission and 4 speed auto transmission models, with the former being the base model. A full tank is said to go for up to seven hundred kilometers and that is as fuel consumption friendly as it comes. The stability control system is yet another reason that car shoppers should opt for the 2016 Toyota Rush for its vast safety features.

2016 Toyota Rush rear

2016 Toyota Rush Interior

The interior, as earlier mentioned makes it perfect for families and large storage. The seats are adjustable to promote this. The Toyota line of vehicles comes with the ABS and airbag safety system. It also comes with climate control and vibrant air conditioning systems which will make passengers ride in comfort, no matter the weather. For those looking to keep the party going on the road, this SUV has a 6 speaker audio system in place.

2016 Toyota Rush interior

The 2016 Toyota Rush is the perfect vehicle for those with a modest budget and a hankering for all things SUV in one small yet powerful package. It is scheduled for release in December 2015 and orders can be placed as early as January 2016. It is assumed that it will cost about $25,000, which makes it a very cost-effective and pocket friendly SUV.

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