2016 Toyota C-HR Review

Gone are the days when you would expect your newly designed sedan or SUV to grab a few eyeballs as you cruise. Design and concepts of generic cars are in for a breakthrough. The curves and muscular designs may give a tad-bit sense of style but what do you do when a new breed of car snatches all the attention? The basic framework and sketches need to be deleted off the drawing boards. And yes! It’s the new 2016 Toyota C-HR concept that needs to be unveiled. It comes with the new genre, the subcompact crossover SUVs.

2016 Toyota C-HR front

2016 Toyota C-HR Review

With this breed of subcompact crossover SUV’s creeping in, it was time for Toyota to show some love to its fans. The 2014 Paris Motor show was the place where the concept and idea was revealed. The design and the brand new concept of the C-HR established a lot about new variety of cars that’s evolving in the market.

The 2016 Toyota C-HR brings an impressive muscular design integrated with looks that rather resemble a precision cut gem stone from the back. The hind corners of the car seemed to be completely removed as the slim upper grille merges around its front corners. The spoiler tipped roofline and the aggressively angular rear shoulders together create an edgy and high-tech 3D impression.

The interior design of this crossover SUV has a blend of glossy and matte effect. Having a clean dashboard with a center display, it aptly suits the neat and trimmed preference of the active urban commuter. Apart from these, the needed features like covered steering wheel, traction control, power windows, mirrors and traction system makes the C-HR define its ‘utility’ part. Lane departure, parking sensors and speakers on the dashboard corners rollup to a better interior experience.

2016 Toyota C-HR rear

2016 Toyota C-HR Engine specs

The 2016 Toyota C-HR will be sporting a 2.0 liter hybrid engine capable of churning 240 hp and 270 ft-lb of torque. This car with a hybrid powertrain is expected to have a drastically improved fuel economy. This car is majorly targeted towards the European market but it does all round performance will definitely make it appealing to consumers all around the globe. For now, I am just waiting on the official release date from Toyota because one look was all it took for me to decide, “I need a switch!”

2016 Toyota C-HR

2016 Toyota C-HR Price and release date

But, ever since the company showcased this car, there has been a lot of speculation about the release date. It is expected to be somewhere around mid-2016 but Toyota hasn’t disclosed any official dates. Just one look at its crossover design and you could say that this baby wouldn’t come any cheap either. Experts have estimated the price starting from $17,500 and Toyota is yet to state an official price.

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