2016 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross Review

The 2016 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross stands out of the crowd due to its hatchback and compact SUV looks. This is an affordable and stylish family vehicle that will meet your needs.

2016 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross front

2016 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross Review

The 2016 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross will be both modern and stylish. Its external features will be improved and new ones introduced. In appearance this car will look aggressive and powerful. It will get a complete front face lift with a redesigned and enlarged front grille, and a redesigned bumper. The LED headlights will be redesigned and made sportier. The 2016 SX S-Cross will have rain sensing automatic wipers that can detect wetness on the windscreen. On the rear, the car will also have improvements including a new exhaust system and redesigned taillights. The car’s body is made of high strength aluminum and steel and it will have 17 inch alloy wheels which will enhance its looks and improve its ability to handle different terrains.

In the interior, the 2016 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross will have an attractive black trim and the dashboard will be redesigned to make it more interactive. In the cabin, there will be a large LCD touch display that shall be alerting the driver about and aiding in controlling the diverse features. The car will be comfortable with spacious leather covered seats. The front seat will use latest heating technology. The interior will also have updated safety, entertainment, connections and security options.

2016 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross

2016 Suzuki SX S-Cross engine

The 2016 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross will have a number of engine options. These will include both gasoline and diesel variants, it is expected to also have a hybrid option. The standard engine is expected to be 1.6 liter turbo charged diesel engine with an output of 245HP and torque of 267 lb-ft, and a fuel economy of 64 mpg. This unit feels strong and easy to handle even while carrying excessive load. The other engine option is a 1.6 liter gasoline engine with an output of 120 HP and a torque of 150 lb-ft. This model can accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in 12.4 secs and has a fuel economy of 51.3 mpg. It is expected that there will also be a hybrid engine option. These engines will be coupled with a 6-speed manual transmission; there will be a 6-Speed CVT option depending on the engine. The standard model will be a two wheel drive, and there will be a 4 wheel drive option.

2016 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross rear

2016 Suzuki SX4 S-Cross Release date and price

The 2016 Suzuki SX S-Cross is expected to be launched in early 2016. The price of the car will vary according to the options one chooses. The base model is expected to cost about $ 22,000.

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