2016 Porsche Cayenne Review

The Porsche Cayenne is considered one of the premium luxury SUV brands in the market today. First introduced in 2002, the Porsche Cayenne has become one of the most iconic SUVs in the world. Currently, Porsche is in the process of launching anew model, the 2016 Porsche Cayenne. The 2016 Porsche Cayenne will pick up from where its predecessor left in terms of looks, performance and fuel economy.

2016 Porsche Cayenne front

2016 Porsche Cayenne Review

One aspect of the Porsche Cayenne that has always been a subject of criticism is the lack of an outstanding exterior look. The Cayenne has a standard design that is synonymous with most mid-sized SUVs and as such, falls short of the Range Rover and the Audi Q 7 in terms of exterior looks. That aside though, the Porsche Cayenne has exquisite bodywork that features a beautiful remodeled front end. Another new feature is the rear roof spoiler which is meant to enhance the car’s performance at high speeds. Moreover, the Cayenne will feature a panoramic sunroof and stainless steel skid plates as standard exterior features.

The interior of the 2016 Porsche Cayenne underscores the car’s luxury status. As expected, Porsche did not go easy on the luxury features with abundant leather, aluminum and expensive wood lining almost each and every interior component. The interior is also lined with an array of electronic driving aids including adaptive cruise control, lane change assist system and lane departure warming system. There are other optional interior features that can be included for those buyers who are willing to spend that extra coin on luxury such as the bolstered sports seats.

2016 Porsche Cayenne rear

2016 Porsche Cayenne Engine options

The 2016 Porsche Cayenne will come with a single engine option. The car will be powered by a 4.8 liter V8 petrol engine. The new and much bigger engine will offer more juice to the drivers and precisely, the car will be able to churn out a whopping 570 brake horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque. The engine’s performance has also been enhanced by an adaptive throttle response system and all this translates to a top speed is 176 mp.

Fuel economy is not usually the first thing that comes to mind for anybody shopping for a high performance luxury SUV. Be that as it may, Porsche has gone to great lengths to ensure that the new model is not much of a guzzler as compared to previous models. Porsche claims that the new model will be able to do 20.8 liters for every 100 kilometers.

2016 Porsche Cayenne interior

2016 Porsche Cayenne Release date and price

The new Porsche 2016 is set to be released in early November 2015 and the base model will retail for $65,000, approximately.

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