2016 Land Rover Discovery Review, price

Finaly,the much awaited 2016 Land Rover Discovery will soon be released into the market. It looks much like its predecessor the Range Rover Sport. It is a smaller and much faster version of its older brother with whom it shares a name. When it comes to technology, nothing has been spared on this new model. The shell is very stylish, the engine is a combination of the nine-speed automatic ZF transmission similar to the one from the Evoque family combined with AWD systems to come up with a more powerful machine with better capabilities.

2016 Land Rover Discovery front

2016 Land Rover Discovery Exterior

The 2016 Land Rover Discovery boasts of a very sleek and handsomely built and rather round design contained in the earlier versions of Discovery Vision Concept exterior styling. The size of the car is more compact in comparison to the usual to the large and intimidating Discovery, and it can be described as a larger version of the Evoque.

The front comes out as a little more softer and a bit more curved compared to the traditional design of the land rover brand, But in real sense, this gives the 2016 Land Rover Discovery a more modernized feeling and an additional sense of speed and even a better performance. The exterior looks amazing, but what makes the car look great is inside. The interior of the new Discovery is spectacular. The engineers managed to perform magic on this model. The way it is defined can only be described as engineering witchcraft, it packs a very compact exterior design which has become similar in majority of its five-seat competitor, but this time, Land Rover has managed to cram an additional set of extra seats at the back to create what can be described as a 3-row 5+2 seating outlay.

2016 Land Rover Discovery rear

2016 Land Rover Discovery Interior

If you happen to be familiar with the 2+2 seating arrangement from some versions of sport cars then you understand that the back seats specifically made for the children. The cabin is very luxurious,but this is not a surprise,it is the trademark of the land rover family. It has options ranging from twin needle-stitched leather,a very genuine metal interior trim to mention just a few. The lighting is configurable,to attain the desirable mood. To enhance space and comfort,the seats in the second row are made in such a way that they can slide and recline in oder to attain a perfect seating position.

2016 Land Rover Discovery side

2016 Land Rover Discovery Price, Release date

The price of Land Rover Discovery is $38,000 which is rather cheap. Also this make is not much of a fuel guzler,it will me released on late december 2015 or early january 2016.

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