2016 Hyundai ix35 Review

The new 2016  Hyundai Tucson second generation concept is rumored to be in the making after it was seen on a road test. Known in its homeland as the Tucson ix and in Europe as the ix35 the first in its line was launched in 2009 as a substitute for the Tucson in Europe which then received a facelift. The 2016 Hyundai ix35 is expect to feature a plethora of new additions that will make it a more intriguing SUV especially given the fact that it will be highly inspired by Santa Fe if its large front grille is anything to go by.

2016 Hyundai ix35 front

2016 Hyundai ix35 Review

The 2016 Hyundai ix35 will come with four engine options with two of them being petrol and the other two being diesel powered. All of the four engines are designed to have lower fuel consumption as well as lower carbon emission. The petrol engines include a 2.4 liter and a 1.6 liter GDI engine which are capable of between 135 and 170 horsepower. Their diesel counterparts are the 1.7 liter and 2.2 liter engines that are capable of between 115 and 184 horsepower. All of these engine options will be coupled with a 6 speed manual transmission with the option of an all-wheel drive train.

Given that this will be the second making of the 2016 Hyundai ix35, there are a number of features that one can be able to point out through a simple work around. However, one thing is for sure. The current design of the ix35 looks very strikingly familiar to the Santa Fe. Some of the new additions include the sharper lines that give the car a more modern look, increased ground clearance, smaller and better looking headlights and the most notable change is the chrome hexagonal grille that gives the car a more futuristic look. The back also looks quite impressive with short rear window stands that give the car that sporty and savvy look.

2016 Hyundai ix35 side

2016 Hyundai ix35 Interior

To say that the designers did a good job with the interior of the car would be an understatement. The comfort and quality of the materials that have been used in the 2016 Hyundai ix35 are outstanding and probably the dream of every potential car owner. Buttons on the steering and driver’s door make it easier for the driver to control most of the things, movable back seats as well as a plethora of features that include Bluetooth, USB and parking sensors.

2016 Hyundai ix35 interior

2016 Hyundai ix35 Price and release date

The best thing is that even though this one of a kind SUV sounds very tantalizing, you might not have to wait very long for it. It is expected to be released in the second quarter of 2015 with a price tag of about $26,500.

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