2016 GMC Envoy Release date, Price

2016 GMC Envoy this is a vehicle that was first introduced in 1998, and its production lasted 11 years before the company halted further production. However, the upcoming version has been redesigned in a couple of ways, thus making its release a ‘can’t-wait’ moment. As we await its release later in the year, here is a 2016 GMC Envoy Review expounding further on the specifications of this SUV. Normally, lovers of these cars spend a considerable amount of time searching for the specs, but that need not happen anymore with this article available.

2016 GMC Envoy front

2016 GMC Envoy Exterior and Interior

Starting with the exterior, one of the noticeable things in the 2016 GMC Envoy will be the front grille. The designers thought it wise to have some changes to make it more enticing and reliable. The grille has seen chroming with sterling steel that not only makes it tougher, but also gives it an luxurious outlook. Unlike its predecessor, this vehicle’s wheelbase has been enlarged, and with radial tires intact, hard terrains like, swamp, mud, sand and rock will not pose any problems. If you encounter even harder terrains, the All-Wheel Drive will come in handy to solve the issue. Further, the body materials used are friendly for any weather, and designers have stated that drivers will enjoy even long-distance mobility.

Talking of the interior, loading of more passengers will be possible given the space left by this SUV’s designers. Additionally, the music system is well organized and seats have meticulous leather as the material. Also, the safety is a key consideration where the designers never failed by ensuring airbags are available in the car. I have not even mentioned the space enjoyed by all the occupants of the vehicle.

2016 GMC Envoy interior

2016 GMC Envoy Engine and Fuel Economy

It is not uncommon to realize this is the first part many people want to read. Obviously, other features regardless of magnificence have little impact. Like the previous model, this one will not be a guzzler as such, especially considering its power. If you are an ardent fan of this make, well, it comes with 5.3 L V8 super-power engine. With this power train, it can produce up to 302 hp, and expected to do 25 mpg in combined ride.

2016 GMC Envoy

2016 GMC Envoy Release Date and Price

Unlike other companies that tend to complicate the issues of prices and release dates of their automobiles, GMC’s car will be on the markets later this year, between August and October. Therefore, anyone wishing to invest on this model can as well start planning. Concerning the 2016 GMC Envoy price, it has been estimated that its buyers will part with between $25,000 and $33,000. Evidently, all the information one may need to make a decision on this sumptuous car.

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