2016 Ford Expedition Review, Price

Although Ford’s recently redesigned Explorer may have taken the spotlight recently for its bold looks, the company’s Expedition, an SUV of larger than life dimensions, continues to be a good SUV in its own right. The Expedition, which does not sell in numbers anywhere near those of the Explorer, is Ford’s full sized SUV for the large family unwilling to compromise on interior space. For the 2016 model year, the Expedition has undoubtedly become a better all around SUV that is more capable of fending off its other full sized SUV competition.

2016 Ford Expedition front

2016 Ford Expedition Review

The changes that arrive with the 2016 Ford Expedition may seem trivial at first, but are in fact imperative to making the vehicle, which has not undergone a full redesign in what seems like an eternity, seem somewhat young once again. These changes include a slightly reworked front end that foregoes Ford’s antiquated angular look from the previous decade in favor of something more smooth around the edges. The 2016 Expedition is still a massive SUV, and this can be seen from any angle; it is as long as Mercedes’s flagship S Class model. The body-on-frame chassis setup creates a much higher riding vehicle than Ford’s closest alternative offering, the Explorer.

On the inside, the 2016 Ford Expedition remains perhaps the best fit for a large family. The vehicle can comfortably fit seven passengers in addition to the driver. Unlike many recent crossovers which have a third row of seating simply for the sake of it, the Ford Expedition has a third row capable of comfortably seating even full sized adults. While the center console may seem outdated for today’s standards, it is undeniable that it is one of the simplest ones in the market to get used to. There are no convoluted menus in touchscreens that require an extensive input of time to understand.

2016 Ford Expedition rear

2016 Ford Expedition Engine

The recently refreshed engine for the Ford Expedition remain for the 2016 model. This is one of Ford’s venerable EcoBoost engines, appearing in the Expedition in its 3.5 liter form. The engine in it’s application as the powerhouse of the 2016 Ford Expedition is capable of producing 365 horsepower with a more than astonishing 420 foot pounds of torque. This combination, when mated to a standard six speed automatic gearbox, is capable of returning 14-16 mpg in the city and 20-22 mpg on the highway depending on the powertrain configuration.

2016 Ford Expedition interior

2016 Ford Expedition Release date, Price

When it is released for sale in the coming month, it will be available starting at $45,000 for the base XLT model and will move upwards to $55,000 for the top of the line Limited model.

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