2016 Ford Bronco

From research and feasibility study, it is clear that the official date for releasing the 2016 Ford Bronco concept model is known. You may ask, is 2016 Ford Bronco truth or lie? With information gathered on the internet, the concept model of the new car is officially accepted. This concept will be in line with the Atlas design. This will also follow a similar concept just like the Ford F-150. It will debut in late 2015 since the car is in the development stage. Research has shown that it will be different from the 2004 concept. Most of the features of the 2016 Ford Bronco will conform to the outstanding F-150. At the front of the car, buyers will experience a large grille. On this note, the car will be appearing with a wide posture. The 2016 Ford Bronco will be coming with advanced LED fog lights and two-pairs of headlamps.

2016 Ford Bronco Side

2016 Ford Bronco – Technical Features:

The interior of the car will be unleashed with recent technologies. The dashboard will be upgraded carrying a large touchscreen. This mode will be the SAT-NAV/Infotainment system. The upholstery of the new car will also be unleashed in luxury and top-notch materials. The cabin is stated to contain about five passengers off-road and in-road. The concept of the new car will also have enough cargo space for additional items.

2016 Ford Bronco Rear

2016 Ford Bronco – Price And Fuel Efficiency:

Basically, the engine type for the new 2016 Ford Bronco is not yet officially released. According to rumors on the internet, the car will have about three engine options. It can probably come in a 5.0l 8-cylinder. This is a coyote gasoline engine carrying about 420 hp. This engine torque is yet unknown.

Within the coming few months, buyers will be able to know the torque of this engine. Powertrain will remain standard for this option. Next on the list is the 4.7l 6-cylinder. This is a power stroke engine offering about 645 lb-ft of torque and about 330 hp. It is expected to come with good fuel economy and top-notch performance. Finally, the 5.8l 8-cylinder is stated to be the third engine option. It is a supercharged power system. Research has shown that it will look similar to that of the Shelby GT500.

However, it will maintain about 631 lb-ft of torque and 662 hp. The transmission of the 2016 Ford Bronco will be cascaded for six-speed, 6R 140 automatic. This will be for lesser or reduced engine trims.

The price of the car is yet unknown, but rumors estimate the value of the 2016 Ford Bronco to be as that of the Ford Raptor SVT F-150.

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