2016 Buick Anthem Interior, Exterior

Buick is an evolving luxury line constantly changing face and technology to stay in pace with the luxury car market. It has captured the advertising attention of Tiger Woods, Peyton Manning, and Shaquile O’Neil. In keeping with these efforts of exclusive Talk and Touch technologies and luxury styling, Buick is rumored to be testing and redesigning the new Anthem to be sleeker and more stylish than ever before with increased speed. It was reportedly spotted in the testing phases in the snowy mountains of Colorado with traction control in the terrain and weather. The 2016 Buick Anthem crossover model is expected to surpass its predecessors.

2016 Buick Anthem front

2016 Buick Anthem Interior, Exterior

What experts and sources claim to know so far is that the exterior and engine of the car are all new with LED fog lights, stylish and wide front grille design, chrome detailing, slanted headlight display, privacy glass for the rear passenger seating, and possible LIDAR camera system for safe driving and road awareness, 17 inch alloy wheels, reinforced rear bumper, multifunctional tailgate hatch for various ways to load and unload the vehicle, and of course beautiful styling all around.

The all-leather interior screams luxury and sophisticated design. From the side door paneling to the center console, steering wheel, and seats, the 2016 Buick Anthem is lined with high quality leather all around with heated seats, a foldable rear seat, Bluetooth connectivity, remote control doors, rear cup holders, remote control doors, a rear camera of course, audio inputs, and charging sockets for your electronics, and a hands free phone system. The 2016 Buick Anthem is all of the luxury and innovation you would expect from Buick and a luxury car line.

2016 Buick Anthem side

2016 Buick Anthem Engine Specifications

Available in a four cylinder engine for greater fuel efficiency, the standard engine option will offer plenty of torque and horsepower for the average user, or custoers can up the ante with an automatic six speed powerful engine with a 357 horsepower engine for more vroom and more fun for the adventurous folks who like a little more power and towing capability.

2016 Buick Anthem

Buick has not yet announced a release date for its 2016 Buick Anthem but initial testing and product design has clearly already begun. While the 2016 Buick Anthem remains in the beginning phases of model production and car show expos, be on the lookout for further product development, advancements and tweaks, and eventually an official release for the vehicle. Typically, you can expect to be able to drive your new 2016 Buick Anthem in time to go to your family’s Thanksgiving dinner in style and class.

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  1. Cynthia Smith says:

    Quite interested in the 2016 Buick Anthem V6 or V8. This vehicle is closest to my Buick Rainier CXL V8, I do love my Rainier and this new vehicle is next to looking like mine.

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