2016 BMW X6 MPG, Engine, Price

BMW recently started the second generation of it popular mid-size luxury SUV named X6. The second generation is also known under the name F16, and it started with 2015 X6, which had its debut at 2014 Paris Auto Show. 2016 BMW X6 will not bring much news to fans of this brand. In fact, mainly carried-over model will bring the “M” version, but the regular version will remain pretty much the same.

2016 BMW X6 front

2016 BMW X6 exterior and interior

As already known, the German and overall European brands are known for its subtle changes, and long-lasting generations. This goes in favor of the upcoming 2016 BMW X6, which will not change much of its looks. However, Bavarian producer will have to make some adjustments in order to give something new to its fans and buyers. This change will mainly be reflected in one or two new paint colors added to exterior color palette. Other than that, we will be able to enjoy the redesign which happened so recently, only one model year ago. Elegant and different, new X6 exudes with luxury and high quality, both inside and out. Its body lines are sleek and elegant, while exterior features offer more than you need. The design of the X6 is unique and recognizable, with lowered rear end, which additionally enhances its aerodynamics.

Interior of the both X-Line and M-line (sportier) is upholstered in leather, which is available in six different colors, which is more than any of its rivals offers. The center of the dash occupies a 10.2-inch flatscreen display which is accentuated with chrome and wood details. Interior design follows the exterior in terms of elegance and luxury.

2016 BMW X6 interior

2016 BMW X6 performance and mpg

Although the appearance of the new X6 may blow your mind, the BMW is primarily popular thanks to its performance. 2016 BMW X6 is no exception to that rule. The last redesign also brought improvements under the hood. 2016 X6 will be run by a 3.0-liter turbocharged in-line 6-cylinder engine which comes paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission. This power unit is capable to deliver up to 300-horsepower and 300-lb-ft of torque. It comes available in either rear-wheel or all-wheel drive systems.

Optional engine is a 450 horsepower beast – 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 engine. It delivers torque of 480 lb-ft. Using the same transmission as base engine, the V8 can be purchased only with all-wheel drive configuration. Fuel consumption rates for the 2016 BMW X6 are still unavailable, but we can be pretty sure that it will stay the same as for the current version, which is 21-22 mpg for the rear-wheel drive X6 with in-line 6 engine, and 17 mpg with V8 in combined ride.

Recently some rumors started about the possibility for diesel unit under the hood of the 2016 BMW X6. BMW does offer few diesel powertrains for the European market, but seems like one of these engine could be available for the US market too. However, it is still early to prognosticate which engine it could be, but it would be great news for all BMW SUV’s lovers.

2016 BMW X6 rear

2016 BMW X6 price and release

The price of the 2016 BMW X6 will not be much different than the current one. It is expected to start around $62,000 and up to $73,000 for the X6 with V8 engine. The release date of the model is still unknown, since there is no official info about it. This is no wonder, since 2015 model was released just few months ago. Still, according to several sources, new X6 could be expected before end of this year, but it is more likely we will see it at the beginning of the next, 2016, year.

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