2016 BMW X3 Review

BMW always produce new ideas to win the market. It consistently offers a large number of high quality expensive cars. In 2016, it will surprise the market with its 2016 BMW X3 which has advanced modifications for the people’s satisfaction. The new BMW X3 is quite similar to its latest version. However, there are only few parts that will be transformed and enhanced in order to give a better car to the market.

2016 BMW X3 front

2016 BMW X3 Design and features

To get someone’s attention, the new model changed the design of the headlamps. Classy look was also given to the car through the modification of the rear and front bumper. The modification created a gorgeous round shape that is perfect for the car’s overall look. It is also more spacious compared to other SUVs. Aside from the mentioned changes, there are no other design changes given to the 2016 BMW X3. Thus, the 2016 BMW X3 maintains the spectacular and great features of its latest car version.

Moving on, people will surely be excited by its diesel engines which can give an impressive and incredible speed and power. Because it is designed with a turbocharged 2.0-lliter four-cylinder, it can produce the maximum power of 240 horsepower. It also has a standard 8-rate programmed transmission that can reach 60 mph in just eight seconds. Its back wheel drive can do the same in just 6.2 seconds.

2016 BMW X3 interior

2016 BMW X3 Interior

The interior parts of the 2016 BMW X3 will be more comfortable and spacious. The spacious rear legroom is coupled with very comfortable seats. Several features such as air conditioning, leather seats, navigation system, satellite radio, voice-activated controls, heated seats, head-up exhibit and many other commendable things are present in the new model car. The car’s iDrive electronics interface belongs to the X3 strong suit which has a larger and higher resolution screen that is intended for a better navigation system. The touchpad that can let you put number and text inputs with your fingertips is a very useful tool for every driver.

On the other hand, the exterior part of the car is very high class. Its panoramic glass moonroof highlighted the sophistication of the 2016 BMW X3. The stunning mineral silver metallic color of the exterior will quickly leave a good impression to the persons who will see it for the first time. Also, the its aluminum roof rails created the sporty, yet sophisticated nature of the 2016 BMW X3.

Your safety will be ensured because the model car has a cruise control stop and go feature. The car has radars that will keep you safe from the vehicles around you. And if you are in danger of having a collision, you will get a visual alert and the car’s automatic brake activation feature will immediately engage the brakes.

2016 BMW X3 rear

2016 BMW X3 Price and release date

Because the German company still works on the car, you can expect its release date before the mid-2016. The estimated price for the new BMW X3 is around $40,000.

Indeed, everyone will surely love the unique and astonishing features of the 2016 BMW X3. The modifications given to the model car are all intended to satisfy its customers’ expectations with the new BMW luxury car. Surely, many are waiting for the car’s release in 2016. So if you want to experience the car’s astounding features, don’t forget to buy one in 2016!

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